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Our research focuses on the G10 economies. Below are compilations of our latest documents for each country and our latest research that relates to several countries. For research on individual countries, please select from the menu.

  • Forecasts

    We prepare a full set of economic and financial forecasts twice a year in March and September. In addition to the full forecasts, the financial forecasts are updated each June and December. download »
  • FX Notes

    We regularly prepare notes examining each of the major currencies. We discuss the trends in the currency that we believe are likely in the future and whether we believe it is worthwhile taking a position in the currency. download »
  • Focus Notes

    Through QE, central banks have expanded their government debt holdings. Were purchases maintained in Japan and in the euro area, debt sustainability would improve sharply in less than a decade. download »
  • Economics

    • We produce an overview of each economy once every three months. We examine recent trends in economic activity, inflation, external balances and government policy and identify important driving forces for the future. download »
  • Markets

    • Every month, we publish a synthesis of the latest financial market developments. Recent movements in foreign exchange rates are analysed as are current trends in bond yields, short-term interest rates and equities. download »
  • Investing

    • Each month, we prepare a synopsis of the important investing themes in each of the G10 markets. We discuss the current market pricing and highlight areas where we believe that this pricing is inappropriate. download »