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  • Current CHF exchange rates

    (average = 1990 to 2016)

    forex chfhistory
  • Changes in CHF cross rates


    forex chftrends
  • Penrich CHF index

    (1 Jan 1999 = 100)

    forex chfpenrich

    (CHF per USD)

    forex usdchflt

    (CHF per EUR)

    forex eurchflt

    (JPY per CHF)

    forex chfjpylt

    (CHF per GBP)

    forex gbpchflt

    (SEK per CHF)

    forex chfseklt

    (NOK per CHF)

    forex chfnoklt

    (CHF per CAD)

    forex cadchflt

    (CHF per AUD)

    forex audchflt

    (CHF per NZD)

    forex nzdchflt


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  • FX Notes

    The Swiss franc is near its lowest levels for a decade in real terms but is still much higher than in previous decades. If the terms of trade continue to decline, CHF may remain under downward pressure. download »
  • Financial Forecasts

    NOK, SEK, JPY and AUD are lower than is likey to be sustained. As inflation rises and is sustained, central banks will switch to tightening policy, despite modest growth. As this moves into view, a major re-pricing of bonds will take place. download »
  • Markets

    CHF is around its real mean. Markets price in a small chance of one 25bp rate hike over the coming two years. Yields are still very low; the curve has steepened slightly but is flat. Equity returns have been mid-tier. download »
  • Investing

    Once inflation and risk appetite rise, policy focus may shift to hiking rates. Bond yields look too low relative to growth, inflation and short rates. Lower terms of trade argue for a fall in CHF but safe haven flows are a risk. download »