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  • Changes in Penrich G10 FX indices


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  • G10 Trade-Weighted Exchange Rates


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Above you can find tables that summarize recent developments in G10 foreign exchange markets; below are reports that discuss them.

For further charts, tables and research publications on individual countries, please select the country you are interested in from the menu on the left-hand side.


  • FX Notes

    We regularly prepare notes examining each of the major currencies. We discuss the trends in the currency that we believe are likely in the future and whether we believe it is worthwhile taking a position in the currency. download »
  • Financial Forecasts

    NOK, SEK, JPY and AUD are lower than is likey to be sustained. As inflation rises and is sustained, central banks will switch to tightening policy, despite modest growth. As this moves into view, a major re-pricing of bonds will take place. download »
  • Markets

    Every month, we publish a synthesis of the latest financial market developments. Recent movements in foreign exchange rates are analysed as are current trends in bond yields, short-term interest rates and equities. download »
  • Investing

    Each month, we prepare a synopsis of the important investing themes in each of the G10 markets. We discuss the current market pricing and highlight areas where we believe that this pricing is inappropriate. download »