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  • Swedish Futures Strip


    fixedincome sek 90
  • Swedish 10 Year Bond Yields


    fixedincome sek 10
  • Swedish Yield Curve Slope

    (10 year - 90 day)

    fixedincome sek slope
  • Monthly Change in 10 Year Yields

    (percentage points)

    fixedincome sek month
  • Weekly Change in 10 Year Yields

    (percentage points)

    fixedincome sek week
  • Spread Versus Other Countries

    (average = 1990 to 2016)

    fixedincome SEKspreads
  • Swedish vs US Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - US 10y)

    fixedincome sekusd
  • Swedish vs Canadian Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - Can 10y)

    fixedincome sekcad
  • Swedish vs German Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - Ger 10y)

    fixedincome sekeur
  • Swedish vs UK Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - UK 10y)

    fixedincome sekgbp
  • Swedish vs Swiss Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - Swiss 10y)

    fixedincome sekchf
  • Swedish vs Norwegian Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - Nor 10y)

    fixedincome seknok
  • Swedish vs Japanese Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - Jap 10y)

    fixedincome sekjpy
  • Swedish vs Australian Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - Aus 10y)

    fixedincome sekaud
  • Swedish vs NZ Bond Spread

    (Swed 10y - NZ 10y)

    fixedincome seknzd


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  • Markets

    SEK is close to its real low. Markets price a some chance of one 25bp hike in the repo rate over the next year. Yields are close to record lows, the curve is inverted and spreads are low. Equities have outperformed. download »
  • Financial Forecasts

    NOK, SEK, JPY and AUD are lower than is likey to be sustained. As inflation rises and is sustained, central banks will switch to tightening policy, despite modest growth. As this moves into view, a major re-pricing of bonds will take place. download »
  • Investing

    Rising inflation should eventually trigger more rate hikes than elsewhere. Bond yields stand to rise significantly, even before further tightening. SEK looks undervalued and likely to appreciate as risk appetite returns. download »