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  • G10 Equities' Total Return


    equities table
  • Euro Area Equities' Total Return

    (1990 = 100)

    equities EURindex
  • Euro Area Equities' Total Return

    (% year-on-year)

    equities EURpercent


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  • Investing

    In time, rising inflation may force a switch to tightening monetary policy. Yields look far too low to be consistent with the economic backdrop. Until interest rate differentials rise, funding using EUR looks attractive. download »
  • Markets

    EUR is below its real mean. Futures price in a small chance of one 25bp rate hike over the coming two years. Bund yields are still close to lows, the curve is flat and spreads are below their mean. Equity returns have been mid-tier. download »
  • Financial Forecasts

    NOK, SEK, JPY and AUD are lower than is likey to be sustained. As inflation rises and is sustained, central banks will switch to tightening policy, despite modest growth. As this moves into view, a major re-pricing of bonds will take place. download »