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  • G10 Equities' Total Return


    equities table
  • Canadian Equities' Total Return

    (1990 = 100)

    equities CADindex
  • Canadian Equities' Total Return

    (% year-on-year)

    equities CADpercent


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  • Investing

    Policy will stay accommodative until domestic conditions urge a change. Bond yields should rise from low levels but perhaps less than elsewhere. While not clearly mispriced, CAD remains an attractive funding currency. download »
  • Markets

    CAD is a tad below its real mean. Futures price in 50bp of rate cuts by Dec 2021. Yields have nudged up, spreads remain high and the curve remains inverted. Equities have underperformed. download »
  • Financial Forecasts

    NOK, SEK, JPY and AUD are lower than is likey to be sustained. As inflation rises and is sustained, central banks will switch to tightening policy, despite modest growth. As this moves into view, a major re-pricing of bonds will take place. download »