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Penrich's Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is based upon three core principles:

  • High performance is expected and clients should only pay fees when targets are achieved;
  • Aligning the interests of our firm, our employees and our clients is the best way to all achieve our goals;
  • Transparency and open communications are essential, both internally and with our clients.

  • High Performance

    We believe that clients should only pay when they have received a good service. Our commitment to high performance is highlighted by the fee structure of the Penrich Global Macro Fund which has dispensed with management fees that do not relate to performance. read more »
  • Aligned Interests

    The focus on performance-based fees ensures that the interests of our firm are aligned with the interests of our clients. Equally, the performance-based employee compensation assures that the interests of our individual team members are the same as those of our clients. read more »
  • Transparency

    The Penrich Capital group is highly transparent with regards to its activities. In addition to the regulatory information provided because we are regulated in the UK and NZ, we publish a wide range of research and portfolio listings so that clients understand what we are doing. read more »