PENRICH CAPITAL is a global financial institution which covers the major financial markets of the world. We were established in 2004 by a team of investment professionals with an average of 20 years of experience in markets around the globe.

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  • Our Fund


    We manage the Penrich Global Macro Fund, a hedge fund which operates in the major developed markets investing primarily in fixed income and foreign exchange. The fund was established in 2004 and has returns averaging more than 10% per annum. Our investments are based upon our in-house research of economic and political issues in the largest countries of the world.

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  • Login


    If you are an eligible investor, which means that you meet certain criteria with regards to wealth and/or investment experience, information about the Penrich Global Macro Fund's performance can be obtained from our website by registering with us and logging in. In addition, existing investors in the Penrich Global Macro Fund have secure access to all their investment statements.

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  • Fund Services


    We have more than 10 years experience in providing fund accounting services and corporate services. We can provide accounting services for investment funds and full accounting and regulatory solutions for small financial companies. We also provide fund administration services ranging from NAV calculations and investor relations to acting as transfer agents.

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Our Latest Research

  • Economics

    Once a quarter, we publish a document summarising the latest economic developments in each G10 economy. The most recent such documents are shown below.
    • Australian Economics

      GDP growth remains sub-par on weak domestic demand but net trade has been a support. The external balance is in surplus, the fiscal deficit is eliminated. Unemployment is low, wage and price inflation remain moderate.... download »
    • Japanese Economics

      GDP growth has picked up, driven by domestic demand. Unemployment is at multi-decade lows but inflation remains well below the Bank of Japan's target. Fiscal deficits persist but so to does the external surplus.... download »
  • Markets

    Once a month, we describe the latest pricing in foreign exchange, fixed income and equity markets in each G10 economy. See below for the most recent such snapshots.
    • US Financial Markets

      USD is above its real mean. 50bp of rate cuts are priced in by March 2021. The curve is slightly inverted and yields are only are a bit above lows; spreads have slipped but remain high. Equity returns have been top-tier.... download »
    • Sweden Financial Markets

      SEK is close to its real low. Markets price a some chance of one 25bp hike in the repo rate over the next year. Yields are close to record lows, the curve is inverted and spreads are low. Equities have outperformed.... download »
  • Investing

    Each month, we run through the investing opportunities we see in each G10 economy's financial markets. The latest summaries are shown below.
    • Sweden Investing

      Rising inflation should eventually trigger more rate hikes than elsewhere. Bond yields stand to rise significantly, even before further tightening. SEK looks undervalued and likely to appreciate as risk appetite returns.... download »
    • Japanese Investing

      Easy policy may last until demand and inflation rise durably, urging change. Bond yields stand to rise less than global yields but have less downside risk. Fundamentals support JPY as does its “safe haven” status.... download »